Thursday, 13 December 2012

Welcome to my blog.

Introduction:this is me. Tom Bell.
Here you will see little insights into my life, work  and the events that have slowly evolved into what is now three pronged attempt to grow my vision into a business that gives as much as it takes!

I do things a little differently . Always have done really and probably always will because unlike  what seems to be the general trend these days I rarely see any need to over complicate the situation but most importantly I always get things!

What you want is what you get!

After spending many years investigating different occupations and getting very despondent, in 2002 I decided that I would channel all my energies and practical skills, combine them with my earlier acquired horticultural knowledge and go self employed. I've been trading as plantation gardening ever since!

Plantation gardening has evolved over the years as a direct attempt to stay in business doing what I love in the town that I have grown to love which is Exmouth. For example: two years were spent working on my own, trying to deliver the best quality work that I could in a bid to boost word of mouth recommendations which worked well but at this point I was acquainted with the Vector7 web marketing team. Not knowing much about web sites at the time I didn't really realise the potential it would bring in offering a platform for showcasing all my work over the years and helping to share it with the world! A wide variety of my different creations can be viewed there covering 10 years of hard work and dedication. The web address is

As I was originally trained in amenity horticulture, garden maintenance has always been a large part of my business in and around the Devon area.
In 2005 I was more and more finding it difficult to dispose of all the garden waste created during my garden maintenance work such as compost able clippings and prunings. The local authority disposal sites were becoming more and more expensive for me to use as a commercial tradesman and as I had a good understanding of the composting process I had the idea of creating what is now "big bag recycling". You can Learn more about my garden waste collection service at .
Gardening is very much a seasonal profession and as a result the demand for a professional gardener slumps in the winter months. As plantation gardening developed into a larger business and acquired larger overheads, the need to develop a source of turn over during this quiet time became apparent ! With big bag recycling generating different types of waste needing to be recycled and processed then it seemed to me that the logical solution to me was to utilise what I had to my advantage and try and create usable products from my waste. I chose to extract the wood element from garden waste and separate it into wood-chip and logs and build the business which is now established as East Devon firewood. This is now a leading retailer for firewood and other recycled solid fuels for fires and wood burners in Devon. Please visit the web site for more information at .

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and should you think that I may be able to help you with anything related to the above then please get in touch.